eg25manager always turns on GPS when waking up from sleep

I've just realised eg25manager always turns GPS on using the command:


when resuming from sleep.

You can check via:

mmcli -m any --command="AT+QGPS?"

1 is on, 0 off.

To turn off use the command:

mmcli -m any --command="AT+QGPSEND"

I've spotted this bug report:

I don't understand the "GPS management is now disabled by default with 79974bc9 and can be activated with the -g command line option.
Leaving this issue open as it's just a workaround, I'll have to come up with a better solution later on."

That would suggest GPS should be OFF, no?

I tried to use systemd system-sleep by adding a shell script to send the OFF command to the modem but eg25manager always runs after system-sleep. Adding sleep 5 or 10 or 20 seconds just delays eg25manager running so modem is not found and the OFF command fails. eg25manager would turn it on anyway.

Note that Privacy -> Location Services is switched OFF. I assumed that meant the GPS was OFF too....
It doesn't help battery life, has this just changed explaining the larger battery drain noticed recently? Or is that something else?

How can I prevent eg25manager from sending the GPS ON command (other than running a script manually every time I wake up the Pinephone)?

Command to see eg25manager log from systemd:
sudo journalctl -b | grep eg25

Just did a few IMS tests.

Reboot phone, IMS is on, check via command:
mmcli -m any --command='AT+QCFG="IMS"'

If you disable it via:
mmcli -m any --command='AT+QCFG="IMS",0'
then the setting is kept when the phone wakes from sleep.

No idea why eg25manager would enable IMS by default. Guess phone still works with a non-IMS enable operator (no VoLTE).

Here is systemd log from boot showing the IMS on part:

Feb 17 16:34:56 mobian eg25manager[362]: Response: [+QCFG: "ims",0,0
Feb 17 16:34:56 mobian eg25manager[362]: Got a different result than expected, changing value...
Feb 17 16:34:56 mobian eg25manager[362]: (null)
Feb 17 16:34:56 mobian eg25manager[362]: Sending command: AT+QCFG="ims",1
Feb 17 16:34:56 mobian eg25manager[362]: Response: [OK]

Further look at eg25manager logs, at least the GPS is turned OFF when it suspends:

eg25manager[362]: system is about to suspend
eg25manager[362]: Sending command: AT+QGPSEND
eg25manager[362]: Response: [OK]
Pinephone v1.2 UBports CE. Adelaide, Australia using Amaysim SIM (Optus network, non-VoLTE) with Mobian SD card.
Manjaro Plasma Mobile on EMMC.

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