Simulate right click
I see a couple solutions for this, for Gnome-Shell: one in accessibility settings, and one with an extension. However, I don't see a solution for Phosh. Is there a way to simulate right-click with a long press?
It's already there in some apps (try in Firefox for instance : if you long press your tab bar, you'll get the same menu you get with a right click on desktop, it also work in other places, but true : not everywhere).
This shouldn't be an app-specific function. Phosh (if it was developed right) should know that a long-press = right click. For any any application.
There is a version of xdotool for Wayland called wtype, but I haven't looked to far into it. I don't know if the syntax is the same, but I would imagine we could use this to simulate right-click with long press.

I use Vivaldi browser on Mobian and it allows you to simulate right-click with two-finger touch; however, I agree with the above poster that this shouldn't be app-specific.
This came up years back with openmoko, and wasn't as simple as it initially seemed. It's fine building that sort of long-touch modifier behaviour into a new system like android did, because you don't have to worry about what it will do with the whole range of existing applications. We don't have that luxury - we have existing applications doing long-press handling of their own for things like menu buttons that have a default action for a normal click, but drop down to reveal other options on a long press. We have timing stuff for drag detection that gets messed up when you start altering the timing with your long-press detection. It was tried, and it broke an unexpectedly large number of things. The least problematic solution back then was a modifier button in the task/navigation/whatever bar to make the next touch action a middle or right one instead of a left one. Multitouch didn't exist on the resistive screen though, so maybe there's a better option now., but don't assume it's going to be something simple that works for everything.
Long press is annoying when scrolling through text.  I prefer a two-finger thing, like on a lot of trackpads.  It worked well with XFCE on the HP Touchpad.  I don't remember how all the setup worked.
In addition to right-click, it would be good to simulate or replace double-click. I find it pretty difficult to get songs to play in gmusicbrowser, on Mobian, because the double-clicking doesn't often work properly.

Maybe I could slow down the double-click speed, but there are not accessibility settings on Mobian.
I'm not sure if it works in current mobian stable, I'm using the Mobian unstable repo which has upgraded packages.

Simulating right-click is already available system-wide. Just switch to the terminal keyboard in squeekboard (it's available in any app now). Then press the ">_" key to get the screen with all the F keys. The Menu button (lower row, second button) acts like a right-click.

@NormandC Thanks for the reply. I'm runnning a newly upgraded Mobian stable, and this does not yet work for me. Also, this is kind of a cumbersome solution. Holding press would be better. But I will keep an eye out for this feature and try it once it becomes available.

I wish I could use the terminal keyboard as my default. I have to switch it literally every time I use the keyboard. Why can't it be the default? Maybe if I uninstall the English and emoji keyboards, it'll have to default to it.

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