PinePhone SIM slot
(10-01-2021, 01:21 PM)lsitongia Wrote: I fixed it with soldering and saved them the money  … This problem is often reported and it quite a design flaw. They are shipping out new phones. Have they done anything about this problem? Has Pine64 said anything official about this?

I think the current phones do have this problem.  I just got one a few days ago and even using the nano->micro converter they provided, the nano SIM fell out and got stuck in the way folks have been describing in this thread and did indeed bend my pins!

I opened a ticket; I don't have particularly good soldering skills and I hope they replace it.

I also updated the wiki so hopefully others won't bend their pins even with the adapter!
I had the same problem with the Sim falling out of the adapter... Came up with the solution of partially inserting the adapter into the slot so the Sim cutout was totally exposed. Then inserting the Sim into the cutout, aligning it with the adapter and GENTLY sliding it into the slot.  Still was a little forced, but works fine.
I've read that the PinePhone Pro has the same SIM and SD sockets. That's a big bummer. This was their chance to put in a nano SIM socket. Are there a lot of customers who use micro SIM sized cards? I'm not sure I could find a US service that provides them. I am not going to deal with the hassle of SIM card adapters.
I've had the same issue. Fortunately, I didn't damage the contacts.

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