Alternative Compatible Cases for the PinePhone?
I just bought a pine phone but I forgot to add the case to the shipment.  I went on the website to buy a case and the shipping is more than the case itself.

I'm wondering if there are other name brand cases that would fit this phone, or be adapted to fit this phone (like cutting stuff out, etc).  Or are there generalized cases out there where you "cut to fit" type style.

I would love to have your feed back.  Thank you.
(02-12-2021, 02:19 PM)Trizzle Wrote: I went out and searched all over the internet for a compatible case and I found one!

Xiaomi Poco M3

The layouts and dimensions are extremely similar and as far as I can see, if somebody were to get a Xiaomi Poco M3 case for the PinePhone, it would fit perfectly.  There will be a huge hole spot on the back of the case but that shouldn't matter.

Thoughts, ideas, questions, concerns?

I looked up cases on the Xiaomi Poco M3 phone and apparently I was incorrect about the rear camera placement.  I'll have to look more into other compatible cases.
I'm afraid such a case won't be very suitable even if the size fits. It looks like the headphone jack is differently placed and the buttons on the side seem to be lower, so those probably won't fit the Pinephone.

Not much help, but you wouldn't have been able to order the Pinephone together with the case anyway due to shipping restrictions with the battery of the phone, so no missed opportunity Smile

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