First time working on the PineTime Dev Kit
(02-10-2021, 03:22 AM)danielt Wrote: Sounds like you are trying to install wasp-os which means you will need to adapt the instructions in the docs for iOS (IIUC on iOS you still have nRF Connect so it should work more or less the same). See:

It is important to install the wasp-bootloader ( *before* attempting to install wasp-os itself ( and I think that's why it is not working for you at the moment. Note that you can see the whole process (install wasp-os from infinitime and infinitime from wasp-os) in this video which may also offer clues about what you are doing differently:

PS Always be sure the battery is well charged before running *any* of the reloader tools. If the power runs out when the blue-to-white pinecone still has blue in it then you will need to use an SWD programmer to recover the device.

Oh I see the video shows a two step process to setup the bootloader. Yes I definitely missed that part. thank you Daniel Big Grin

Oh an I meant to mention before that when I first tried the builds from the instructions my apt get could not get the libsdlc2-2.0.0 instead I had to do a get on libsdlc2-2.0-0 and that was able to update my dependencies on my Linux Mint OS everything else is working as expected. Thanks again for the fantastic work!

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