No sms texts on concumer cellular sim card
manjaro arm with kde plasma, just received. 

Put in Consumer Cellular sim card.  Phone seems to work ok in limited test.

Another story with text messages.  In Phonebook if I try text message the chats program starts up and says that I need to activate a new account in preferences.  There is a preferences in the chats menu icon that says preferences but it does nothing.

If I go to Accounts in Settings, there is no option for consumer cellular and no active option to add one.  Looks like accounts available are :

Is there another sms text app?  Or is my CC sim card only going to make phone calls.

thanks for any insights you may have.

tom kosvic
I solved my own problem when I found reference to "spacebar" as being an sms app. It works but it is really clunky.

Anyone recommend another sms app that uses sim card not internet?
Found solution when I saw that spacebar was an sms app. It does sms chatting. Uses the consumer cellular sim card. Looks like it works but clunky app.

Anyone know of a beefier sms messaging app for pinephone? Keeps threads organized by contact, for example.

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