Impressions after a few days
Based on version 24.01.2021 (at
with updated modem firmware (from

Works supprising well!

Installed with Jumpdrive, removed Geary, Lolipop, Maps and Software. Updated daily with pacman.

Some details:
Make and recieve calls : works
Create and send SMS : works
Connect to wlan : works
Connect to APN with modem : works
Camera : works

"Deep sleep"
After some time incoming calls stop being notified.
The call is still up and "ringing" in the background, but not notified in a audible or viewable fashion.

The battery status is highly unpredictable.

Even when selecting "norwegian" in settings on locales, format - no norwegian characters available.

View images:
No build in image viewer.

In all, it's working supprisingly well, at this point Arch is a good foundation for further development.
Well done and big thanks to upstream and Arch maintainers.

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