Fail safe way to update ANX7688 firmware
(02-18-2021, 02:08 PM)z3dd1cu55 Wrote: Thanks for the answere.

So if I already have USB <-> D-Sub 9 adapter. Would it work to make a D-Sub 9 to headphone adapter by using one of each splicing the cables and connect the cables with the right pin order?

And if I had a working serial debug cable, when would I log in to set the bit for eeprom flash? Anytime after the normal boot? Or do I need to stop the bootloader from booting the kernel?
Do I need this serial debug cable or can I set the bit from userland?

Any feedback is appreciated Smile

Technically yes. But It's out of spec for RS-232 being that it's only 3.3v, so I wouldn't personally recommend plugging in a real USB RS-232 device. If it's got a 9 pin D-sub, it's probably RS-232. Something that's a 3.3V UART is a better choice (no RS-232 level shifting) like the CP2102. I don't like any CH340s. They are cheap junk. FTDI or CP2102 only.

If you're just flashing the ANX chip, you don't need to use this. I did it over Ethernet just fine. You probably could also just connect USB directly and log in via the USB LAN if you enable SSH on your device, but it depends upon the distribution that you are using. Yes, you can and would do it during normal operation while the OS is running as normal. I accomplished this on Mobian even on 5.10 kernel contrary to claims that claim that you cannot.

To be honest, you can and should be doing almost anything over SSH if you need to do it from a desktop computer. I don't know why anyone would want to use the "serial console" feature of the PinePhone unless they were making something silly like an IR emitter or very basic communication to an external microcontroller.

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