Wi-Fi Issues (Plasma and Lomiri)
(02-11-2021, 06:19 PM)MtnSk8 Wrote:
(02-02-2021, 09:55 PM)PineSupporter Wrote: Is anyone else having Wi-Fi trouble connecting on Manjaro?  I've only had the phone a few days (Plasma Mobile CE) and I got the wifi working initially for a couple days, but now it says it's connected to my network but it can't load any websites and there's an ! next to the wifi icon.  Then on Manjaro Lomiri SD card it can't find any nearby networks nor connect when I type it in manually, and the icon shows not connected.

However, I have loaded PostmarketOS and Mobian and they have no problems connecting to wifi.  So it seems to be a Manjaro issue?
Yep, On lomiri (SDcard) first boot finds and connects to wifi networks fine BUT if I ever turn wifi off in settings then it will never find or connect to (including hidden) wifi networks again. I've tested it a few times now so I am reflashing the SD and I plan on not turning off wifi via the settings toggle. Big Grin
Yes exactly what happened to me when I toggled off the Wi-fi, it never recognized any networks again.  Good idea, I guess I'll have to re-flash again too.

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