Wi-Fi Issues (Plasma and Lomiri)
(02-08-2021, 08:14 AM)kqlnut Wrote:
(02-08-2021, 07:45 AM)jamie22 Wrote: Yeah, I would like to know that too. I am interested about this  "clean out add" part.
It's probably supposed to be "clean out ads" since Pi-hole is an ad blocker. You can use a Pi or some other device and set up Pi-hole on it and then use that device as the DNS server for your devices and/or your whole network. Pi-hole filters out unwanted DNS requests based on blocking lists (ads, tracking etc.) and then forwards the "clean" DNS requests to another DNS server of your choice to actually be resolved. I don't know why you would need static IP addresses for your devices in that case. It does make sense however to use a static IP address for the Pi-hole itself so it can be permanently set as a DNS server.
Regarding the problem itself: For me wifi on Manjaro Phosh has also been somewhat unreliable. It does work most of the time, but often it takes a long time to connect after deep sleep and sometimes fails to do so. It's been much more reliable for me on Mobian lately.
You're probably right about the "clean out ads" statement.   I've been using Mobian too, and the Wi-fi has been working great.  I'm trying to install protonvpn on it but no luck so far.

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