InfiniTime Default Face USA Mod - No longer supported
The RC for InfiniTime which includes the ability to switch from 12/24hr mode is now available, so I am shutting down this project. Please use the official InfiniTime from now on.

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to post my mod to the default InfiniTime watch face. I know I saw a few people on Matrix ask where they can get a 12hr face, so hopefully it's useful to some.

  • 12hr time with AM/PM designation
  • Changed date to show Weekday (Short format), Month, Day, Year
Where to download: Removed download due to Infinitime RC release (

[Image: USA_Face.JPG]

Warning: This should not be installed on sealed watches unless you are willing to risk bricking or having to un-seal your device, it is based on pre-release code from

With that said, I am running it on my own sealed PineTime along with JF002's pre-release bootloader.
Updated to match InfiniTime 0.14.0 (some bug fixes and visual features/changes)

Where to download: The3DmaN GitLab
View my projects at: or at you can also find me on Matrix in many of the Pine related channels.

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