Tip disconnected
Hi all !

I've received today a USB C cable, and could finally test my pinecil in good conditions. I've run a test with a barrel connector when I first received the iron, but the connector was too small to fit into the plug, so I had to keep it in place with one hand !

So, I've started to look at what settings are available in the menu, and once I had done a tour, wanted to try using it. I had a strange problem, which was a steady "420 °C" where the display usually flickrs quickly around the set temperature. I eventually discovered that the tip was at room temperature, and the detailled idle screen told me that the tip was disconnected. I've tested each one of the 5 tips I have, that are all new and unused, same problem.

Anybody having the same problem ? What kind of solution may be applied to this ?

i've found another thread discribing the exact same problem, here : https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=12673 but there is no indication that the problem has been solved...

Thank you all !

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