(potential) work-around for Playstore authentication issue
Edit: When I added a battery backup to power the RTC, this issue disappeared. I'll keep testing, of course, to make sure, since sometimes without the battery G. Play Store would work for as long as an hour or two.

I suspect the OP did something else, besides fixing the time.

Why? I've had all 4 possibilities:
  1. Time incorrect, Play Store worked. Didn't record offset.
  2. Time incorrect, Play Store broken. Large, unrecorded offset.
  3. Time correct, Play Store worked. -0.006 sec offset
  4. Time correct, Play Store broken.  0.000 sec offset
I used Clock Sync to measure the offsets.
That was true, but it's irrelevant, apparently.

This issue affects RemixOS and all Android HDMI images, at least.

Various things fix it, temporarily. The shortest way I found was to begin to add a Google Account.
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