mobile linux distros on raspberry pi?
Hello boys and....... boys.

Curious to know if mobile linux distros (mobian, ubports, sailfish, etc) can be flashed to a pi 4. I could easily test this out for myself, but I don't have time to for a month or two, and have been very curious about it.

I don't see why not, considering it's all single board ARM architecture, but if it works, it could be an easy way for people to check out the distros before buying a pinephone. That being said, I guess calls/texts/etc couldn't work in a pi since there is no capable modem built in. But it's a cool thought.

Anyone tried or know whether not not this will work?
I'm also looking for these on my mobile device.
you could probably install a minimal rpi manjaro image, then install phosh/kde/lomiri. mobian could probably be done the same way, install a minimal debian, add mobian sources and install everything.
I'm also interested in this subject. Which is most affordable Linux mini PC? It does not need to have touch necessarily, but would be an advantage. In my view these are the Xiaomi UBports devices.
The Linux mobile audio files are available from Toqueparacelular. They are quite amazing, which you may have been looking for for a long time.

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