Pine64 not booting with image

I am using pine64-image-debianmate-310101bsp.img.
I setup my 64 SD card on my Mac Pro.
Then I went to boot the Pine64, device powered up but I saw not boot sequence on the Dell display. It's an old 19" display. Should I have at least since the typical ASCII boot characters and info?

These are the steps I used to get myself in this mess...

Unmount the SD
TheM5:$ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk4
Unmount of all volumes on disk4 was successful

unxz the image:
TheM5:$ ls *.xz
TheM5:$ unxz pine64-image-debianmate-310101bsp.img.xz

copy the image:
TheM5:$ sudo dd if=pine64-image-debianmate-310101bsp.img of=/dev/disk4 bs=1m
3684+0 records in
3684+0 records out
3862953984 bytes transferred in 451.011079 secs (8565098 bytes/sec)

Then go boot the SD card in the Pine64
Nadda on the display. This is a working display I use it with my Raspberry Pi

What did I mess up? Huh



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