Thank you Pine64 community!
I've had my PinePhone as my daily driver since early November.

Thank you!
(01-21-2021, 10:32 AM)Shane Wrote: I've had my PinePhone as my daily driver since early November.

Thank you!

Also from my side a big thank you to both the PinePhone and the Mobian community!

I'm also using the PP as daily driver since autumn 2020. Having used a Motorola Photon Q with the community edition of Sailfish OS before, I'm used to beta software and can tolerate smaller usability problems or bugs.

After I screwed up everything with an apt full-upgrade (I didn't read the forum before), I created my own image with debos-recipes using BTRFS filesystem. Now I made a snapshot before every update but never had to use it until now!

I charge the phone every night and in the evening there are 20-30% capacity left.

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