Possibility of a future board revision
I have currently got sucked into the Pinephone world and I love the whole idea. I know that the plan is to support the current version of the phone for a very long time but I still cannot help it to speculate about a possible revision with a "better" SOC. I researched Allwinner products and the A50 chip looks very nice. Very similar package but using 28nm instead of 40nm, higher clock (1.8GHz), up to 4GB of DDR4 RAM.

I guess my question to other users is: Do you think that it's more probable that in the future there will be a board revision with better specs or a straight up completely new phone design?
from my understanding the biggest issue is finding a board with open drivers
From what I understand the biggest issues are mostly with GPU driver blobs. Allwinner A50 has the same Mali GPU as A64 so I guess it could run with the same Lima driver. Those two seem very similar. Allwinner also has A133 in the A series which is currently "the fastest" but that uses some PowerVR GE8300 GPU which I doubt has any open source Linux support.
I'm pretty sure the Allwinner A50 will use a Cortex-A7 cpu, which is 32bit, and IMHO a downgrade over 64bit.  https://linux-sunxi.org/A50

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