Purchase without VAT for EU-VAT-ID holders
Every few months I try again I am tempted to buy a Pine product like the PinePhone, but I am unable to buy it compliant to the EU VAT legislation.

Whenever an address in the EU is specified, automatically VAT is added to the order. 

However, VAT *only* incurs for purchases made by indiividuals, or by businesses that do not have an EU-VAT-ID.

For all other businesses (from freelancers to large corporations) inside the EU, VAT does not apply, and the "reverse charge" mechanism is applied.

These are standard rules of taxation all across the EU, and they have been like this for decades.  Yet, the Pine shop does not allow me to order in compliance with those rules.

I would like to have either one of the following two options:

  1. to order directly from a non-EU country, using INCOTERMS DAP (Delivered At Place).  This way the payment of duties and VAT is the responsibility of the recipient, and not the sender. I can take care of the EU import handling myself (which I am doing almost every day for incoming shipments).  I am a registered importer with customs ID (EORI number) - or
  2. to order via the existing process (which seems to be DDP via a freight forwarder in Poland?), where i am able to specify my EU-VAT-ID during the checkout process, so that the order will be shipped under the normal "reverse charge" rule that applies to VAT inside the EU for decades.

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