What Pine Phone Operating System For A Daily Driver?
(04-02-2021, 07:23 PM)7horns7eye Wrote: I can`t export even contacts yet..
Any other stable/ or almost full developed OS ?
I'm back on Mobian stable and it has been running better than ever lately. I have not had any phosh crashes for over a week and the last time I went into town (where my cell service works) I made several phone calls and successfully sent an SMS text. The only problem I had was when I had less than four bars of cell signal strength showing and every time I placed a phone call it would ring until the call was answered and then immediately drop the call. After I rebooted my PinePhone, my next call was successful. Based on my experience in this geographic area, I think Mobian is optimistically displaying signal strength bars.

The GPS even worked. It usually doesn't work for me at all with any OS. I'm running OSM Scout Server and Pure Maps (OSM serves downloaded maps to Pure Maps so I can download maps at home and I don't have to spend a fortune on LTE data when driving). The GPS still doesn't work at my home, because of surrounding terrain and I don't expect it to ever work, but every other cell phone I've tried and my GPS receivers that are 10+ and 20+ years old all work at home. All but the oldest GPS have tiny antennas too, so I'm not buying that excuse for the PinePhone's GPS!

I wish Mobian would make MTP available again, because SFTP and Samba connections to my my MX-Linux laptop are flaky and usually require several tries to make a connection. Also, the USB ip address on Mobian keeps changing and I'm not about to run dnsmasq or some other DHCP server just for occasional file transfers. Overall, every other method of file transfer is a PITA, compared to the former Mobian's MTP. It was very simple and quick to use. The uMTP Responder security issues are completely moot and of no concern to me, given my PinePhone usage model. I tried to get uMTP Responder back up and running, but I've been unsuccessful in resurrecting it so far.

Mobian has the best desktop/laptop substitute functionality and stability of all the PinePhone Operating Systems I've tried. I don't know if contacts export works but Mobian is getting better, on the whole, despite occasional regressions. In fact, I think I'd better make an image "restore point" of my current Mobian system before I risk any more apt-get dist-upgrades!

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