What Pine Phone Operating System For A Daily Driver?
(03-09-2021, 08:51 PM)arkadione Wrote: How is support for Anbox? Or how do you get Android apps running? What's best distro for that?

Sadly I need a few apps for work. I might just have to keep a LineageOS phone around for those few stupid apps.
Keep your Lineage phone for now, PinePhone is just not ready for primetime, its barely functional at all for important communication uses. I wish one OS was solid, but so far none I have tried are. The tech is not exactly cutting edge so if it takes years to make Pinephone a daily driver, not sure anyone will want it by then? Its not an expensive device comparatively, but I just wish phone, sms, mms, etc would work properly. Also the camera is a joke as of now. I mean I like I can pull the battery, turn switches off (that are not convenient and are difficult to read and flip bc they are soooo small), but just the basics of phone functionality in one OS would go a long way, but its simply not there yet and I have never written a linux app, so I will not be the member of the community to fix this phone (wish i was)

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