What Pine Phone Operating System For A Daily Driver?
(02-12-2021, 12:12 PM)muppeth Wrote: <snip>
I did have my phosh restarting on me few times lately. Not sure what causes it. I need to get familiar with all the inner-works before.
I've had the phosh crashing (or maybe it's xwayland), requiring re-logon with Manjaro, Arch and Mobian since I received my Manjaro CE phone late last year. Sometimes the entire OS goes down and reboots. It has always been more likely under high memory loads and it seems to occur much less frequently on Mobian now that swap space is implemented.

The other problem that does not seem to get much attention in these forums is display dimming and then blanking briefly for no reason--even when all screen blanking and power savings feature are disabled. It might be a power distribution problem, because it seems more likely to occur when I'm running with the convergence dock (powered up via USB-C) and a DVD drive, but it can happen anytime. (I often dedicate my PinePhone to Handbrake tasks which, quite sadly, it performs much more effectively than phone-oriented functions. Sad) My battery also gradually depletes when I'm running my Handbrake application and hardware with the dock so I ordered a 65 W charger/power supply that will hopefully arrive today. Smile

Finally, the touch screen zones near the screen corners for buttons in various aps are very hard to activate sometimes. They often require multiple attempts and taps. The keyboard toggle in the lower right corner is a very problematic example. I know I'm not missing what should be the activation zone most of the time I have trouble. There is something else causing the problem.

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