What Pine Phone Operating System For A Daily Driver?
(02-05-2021, 04:16 AM)muppeth Wrote: I keep bouncing between Manjaro and Mobian.
As I use Arch on my laptop and Debian on my servers I am familiar with both. I would always go for arch (arch like) on desktops because of the bleeding edge software in comparison with debian. Not sure which strategy to choose for the phone. On one hand I want to use it as daily driver asap on the other have all features and some stability.

At the moment for me the biggest issue with Arch/Manjaro is lack of encryption support right off the bat. However as much as it does work on Mobian I run into lack of software/lack of AUR which reminds me why running debian on desktop isn't best option (for me of course). I do notice Manjaro (phosh) being snappier and somewhat more stable then Debian, but lack of encryption is a thing (perhaps the difference in speed comes form the encryption).
I wonder what others are using and if they do use their phone as daily driver. I want to make the decission asap so I can focus on building up my setup instrad of distro hopping.

Arch has a script for full disk encryption now:


(02-11-2021, 05:37 AM)7horns7eyes Wrote: Almost every OS i try till now have basic issues- i call but not call really. I call but who answer hear me but i don`t even understand that call is answered. Big Grin hahahah 
Then you try to add some phone from calls to address book- no add, no copy- only "delete".
This software not make PinePhone a phone yet.  

So if someone know OS that work like regular OS in every phone- just to be normal phone that work, let us know.
We must start whit not matter which OS - just one to make this phone "real phone".
Till then we don`t know who call us, did we call, did anybody call us at all. We can`t make calls and so on..

Arch has been the best and most stable for me so far. When it comes to calling I have no issue receiving spam calls, I get them all the time and they come through fine and clear unfortunately :-)
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