E-Note Device (E-Ink, E-Paper, Project Idea)
Dear All,

I was just curious if you might consider also working on an e-note device in the future. More recently I have observed an increasing amount of e-ink note taking devices like the reMarkable, Ratta Supernote, Onyx Boox Note Air, Quaderno, Quirklogic Papyr, Sony DPT-RP1 etc. Those devices are great because they consume less electricity (more environmentally friendly) and are a great substitute for paper, especially in education. Unfortunately, however, most of these devices (those 13'' displays) seem very expensive and are not that easily accessible (which might be important especially for students, that seem to be the ones most in need for these devices).

Therefore, I would like to ask you if you have thought about this as one possible project to be worth working on. If not, do you know of any project that is currently working on an open hardware e-note project? One of the main advantages of such an open source e-note might be that you could insert your own sd-card as done in the following example with the reMarkable:

He has also worked on a free OS for the reMarkable:

I am very grateful for any comments on this!

All the best,
I agree, such a device (that could share a lot of the PineTab parts) would be really interesting.

I think the problem so far was that the SoCs available to Pine64 don't have a e-ink display controller, but with the new RK3566 this is now available AFAIK. So it might actually become feasible once development of a RK3566 based PineTab (or similar) is starting.

Edit: The new RK3566 Quartz64 SBC has just been confirmed to include a eink display interface, and the Pine64 store will also have a fitting 10 inch eink screen for it. Thus if someone was to port a open-source ebook OS to it, the likelihood of a Pine64 eink device with the RK3566 will probably increase a lot!
This could probably run of an upcoming Pine64 Quartz64 with an attached 10 inch eink screen: https://github.com/koreader/koreader

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