Pinebook Pro broken eDP connector
Hi all.

Last night, after disconnecting my PBP from an external display, I noticed that the display had started to look like this.  There's nothing open in this screenshot.[Image: -zil.jpg]

After a reboot it looked slightly better, more like this:
[Image: -ziI.jpg]

However, after reconnecting and disconnecting the external display it looked exactly like the first picture again.

Nothing changed after several reboots.

When I opened the laptop to try to reseat the display connector, I had some trouble getting it disconnected - to the point where I accidentally broke part of the socket:
[Image: -ziU.jpg]

Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement one (or more) of the piece I broke, or even if I can fix this issue at all without buying a new display / opening the display assembly?

Thanks in advance,


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