Where is the Pinephone eMMc?
In a few words, all operating system images that are available for the PinePhone are already "crafted" in a way that puts the boot loader (U-Boot) where it is expected by the mask ROM (also known as Boot ROM or BROM) inside the A64 SoC.  Thus, all that's needed is to simply write an image to a card.
Thanks, dsimic. Yeah, I forgot that Allwinner is pretty straight forward. Other boards not so much, but I don't want to confuse the issue any further, within the context of Pine64 forums.

What is Free Software and why is it so important for society?

Protocols, not Platforms

As a side note, here's an interesting issue that I haven't found mentioned anywhere.

After booting from a Micro SD card and writing the image to the eMMC, if you boot the phone (or laptop) again from the same SD card, it might happen that the /boot partition from the eMMC gets mounted in Linux instead of the same, correct /boot partition on the SD card.  Then, if you perform some system changes or updates that alter the contents of /boot, such as updating the kernel packages, you end up with one part of the updates applied to the wrong /boot partition.

The solution is to change the label of the /boot partition on the SD card prior to using it for subsequent boots, so the label is no longer the same as the label of the /boot partition on the eMMC.

Edit: Actually, the same can also happen to the root partition.

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