Debian Bullseye installation
Hello, extremely new to Linux in general, had lots of help in figuring things out with my PBP. Wanting to try out Debian on my SD card and ran into some troubles. Got the installer script completed, but when I load up again I get a black terminal screen, with a login/password. I set up my username in the install but it did not ask me for a password. Is there a default for this? Unable to load up any kind of start screen, so maybe something went wrong with the script?

which install method did you use? Did you install using firmware.img/partition.img using the official Debian unstable installer?
I used the Daniel Thompson Git Hub link

I saw a YouTube vid on it and it looked pretty straightforward. I’m guessing that’s not the normal way to do it?
Well, the official way is the one described in the README:

Success with this method varies, though. I haven't tried it for a while, but I assume once bullseye gets released it should definitely work. Smile

Personally, I recommend doing the installation as described in my blog (it uses stable OS + current mainline kernel, but you can do the same approach to install unstable if you want):

If you installed using Daniel Thompson's installer there is a separate thread for this method here:

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