Regarding S3 h.264 hardware encoder... using examples from OrangePi
Hi all,

Just registered for the forum, but I’ve dancing around the Pine-world for some time (even have an OG Pine64 SBC I got from the first Kickstarter laying around somewhere...). 

I saw that the Pinecil was released & while I don’t *need* another soldering iron I had always wanted to check out a TS80/100, but couldn’t justify the price (once I decided I needed something decent I got a Metcal SP-200 in very good condition for $70 + a couple tips. It’s no MX-5000, but gets the job done quite nicely for about as much as the aforementioned Chinese irons!). I dig a lot about the Pinecil & the low cost, USB-PD & other bits means I could find a use for it. So I figured I might as well consider all the Pine offerings if I am to buy some Pine kit and then I saw the PineCube & intrigued I became Smile

Long story short - the wiki says that currently ‘we don’t know how to use the hw encoder yet’. Doing a quick Google I saw that there are a couple GitHub projects making use of the S3 chips hw encoder (from an OrangePi) running Armbian & have basic examples that include using it to encode a live camera stream. 

I’ll probably scoop one regardless if for no other reason than to toy around with/possibly use as a 3D printer cam, but figured I’d throw this out there in the off chance that no one had checked the existing projects for something that might be a drop-in: (There are others, this seemed to be one of the more recent ones). 

I have tried this:

This is newer, because it supports kernel 5.4. Unfortunatly it doesnt compile for kernel 5.10. 

So I asked on github for porting the solution to kernel 5.10.

Maybe the programmer takes the time to port it.


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