Thoughts on 30 day hardware warranty?
I compiled the Pinephone component list for the wiki:
The PinePhone has 674 components in the two PCBs, whereas a typical Android phone has roughly 400 components. The A64 only costs $3 per chip, but the Quectel modem probably costs $25 and the Realtek WiFi/BT probably costs $2.50, so you are talking about the equivalent to a Snapdragon 600-series in terms of costs, and once you add in all the extra resistors, capacitors and ICs and the low volume production, you are talking about a $300 phone, if the Pinephone was sold by a normal phone maker with a standard warranty and standard support.

If you want an Android phone with convergence, you are going to pay $800 or higher, so the PinePhone Convergence Package is a good deal.

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