PinePhone KDE Community Edition shipping update thread.
Okay, so my phone was just returned to Pine64 by DHL AGAIN after "inspection by government personnel".

At this point, what guarantee do I have that the phone I'm being shipped hasn't been intercepted by the CCP and had a hardware implant installed?

Also, what does this second return mean in terms of when I'll be getting the phone that started this whole journey on Jan 15, with respect to Chinese New Year, when the entire country takes almost two weeks off work?

SO glad I paid for the expedited courier delivery. /s
(12-31-2020, 01:18 PM)Luke Wrote: [February 1, 2021] PinePhones which were previously 'returned to shipper' by DHL have now been dispatched. Thank you for your patience.
I checked DHL and it says returned to shipper again!
Dhl is collect for importation
Two number and pay two for for importation and return at Pinestore
112$ problem
Dhl no refund, just pay
New number and pay for dhl importation
(02-01-2021, 07:15 PM)C0ffeeFreak Wrote:
(02-01-2021, 12:59 PM)HollowTraveler Wrote: Hey guys, my KDE CE is being shipped through USPS (to Chicago suburbs). The tracking says a label was created in a town that is very close to me on 1/23, but has not updated since. I have not received a second confirmation email, what do you make of this?
Because of the Covid 19 Chinese postal shipping restrictions to the US, the Chinese post seems to be using third party courier services, some type of mule service that gets them at customs and mules them all across the US and deposits them in the postal system near you. These mule services often show up in your tracking as as in possession of "USPS Shipping partner" or "Non-USPS distribution service" or in some tracking apps by the company name "Last Mile Carrier" and on route to the USPS postal service telling you a label has been created, the item is not in the hands of USPS but is on its way. They seem to use the Chinese post to update the tracking. The tracking systems work together.
I'm just worried because I have essentially no tracking info compared to the people who posted their updates or tracking number.To my eye nothing is happening, as if the box fell between a conveyor belt and wall. Maybe it's just an American problem?
I contacted Dhl Finally he refunds me the first package tracking, for the second he says mount to pay when it will arrive on the ground of my country
Duty import
Just to update for UK bound deliveries..

PinePhone KDE Community Edition arrived this afternoon, am just about to start setting it upSmile

Judging from the timeline, it looks like the phone was physically in the UK during the "Returned to Shipper" period, but not cleared customs. I'm assuming that the battery label was applied here and cleared customs once done, with a new Waybill number generated.

Although I'd arranged for the paid Duty/Import Tax to be transferred to the new Waybill number, and the item had made its way onto the van this morning, there was still a bit of work to do with the local office (received a call while the item was in transit to say Duty not paid, and and asking to pay again- this was easily resolved with an email to the local office containing old and new Waybills with the Transaction ID for the Duty Paid.

In the hopes this is useful to somebody, thank you
I think I have no choice but to issue a chargeback if I have to wait another week just to hear a canned repsonse.
received mine an hour ago - found it in the mailbox.
(02-02-2021, 04:39 PM)sawduster Wrote: received mine an hour ago - found it in the mailbox.

Mine is here. Just remove the cover for the factory screen proctor slowly. I did not an will now be ordering a glass cover.
I haven't received anything about the phone being shipped again . Where can I find info on phone's shipped to Australia and who can I speak to about this at pine64 .

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