Advice on streaming (DRM-friendly) OS
Hello Pine64 forums!

I've got myself a Rock64 (4GB, v3) for Christmas & was curious if anyone would be willing to share their experiences with streaming media from the internet to this device. It will overwhelmingly be YouTube but occasional Netflix & Amazon Prime Video would be nice to have. I'm looking for suggestions because my Pinebook Pro has frequent stutters & performance problems with YouTube on 1080p60 video (though anything locally runs fine via VLC). I'm running the latest Manjaro KDE image, and given it's performance I'm hoping there might be a different OS with some better playback support? I haven't bothered to setup Widevine on the PbP it as I don't use it for Netflix.

The real objective is to replace my aging AppleTV. I don't really need screen mirroring/casting (the AirPlay feature), though.

If anyone has suggestions they'd be appreciated!

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