Whatsapp in Anbox
(01-10-2021, 12:23 PM)stozi Wrote: My dudes, I got a bit further with a 2-month old apk of whatsapp on Anbox on PmOS Phosh. It involved a little bit of this


but, although I could sign in and receive an access SMS, it didn't bring up my chat history and when I input a contact's phone number, it wouldn't recognise it as one tied to another account that I could message to. Makes me wonder if your communications are actually going through some intermediary google or whatever service that anbox doesn't have

Could you share which exact version of Whatsapp you installed?

I see in the Mobian Wiki that one can also try the Librem5 fork, anyone had success with that one?

I don't know what changed recently but I find Anbox much snappier than before therefore I try again with Whatsapp... When I mean snappier I mean if I wait a few minutes after rebooting my PP, then if I click on Anbox it's there immediately. It's running in the background I see so probably everything is already loaded when I start it.

Another comment: is there a way to prevent Anbox from creating "shortcuts" for all Anbox applications directly on the PP?


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