Keep phone awake when audio is playing
I want my phone to auto suspend, but not if music is playing. My player, gmusicbrowser, has an option to prevent a screensaver when the player is playing and fullscreen. However, it doesn't work on the Mobian Pinephone.

There's a program called caffeine that is supposed to let you tweak your sleep settings, but I can't install it on Mobian. I get these errors:

md5sum: /usr/lib/crust/scp.bin: No such file or directory
E: Sub-process if grep -qE '(u-boot-sunxi|arm-trusted-firmware)'; then touch /tmp/upgrade-uboot; else md5sum /usr/lib/crust/scp.bin > /tmp/crust.md5; fi returned an error code (1)
E: Failure running script if grep -qE '(u-boot-sunxi|arm-trusted-firmware)'; then touch /tmp/upgrade-uboot; else md5sum /usr/lib/crust/scp.bin > /tmp/crust.md5; fi


Any ideas?
Something like this worked for me (from the console)

gnome-session-inhibit mpv --fs Airport\ Piano\ by\ Tim\ Minchin\ \(Official\ Video\)-ZAFMSplS4y8.webm

There's more info here, but you may have already seen it:
Thanks! After posting this, I read the Wiki again and realized it has solutions for this using gnome-session-inhibit.

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