Getting the dock to work.
I ordered a dock for the Pinebook Pro and it arrived about a week ago and I just got around to trying it out. The only laptop dock I have ever used is for a Thinkpad. A Thinkpad dock requires no power to operate, although it can be powered if desired.

I have plugged the dock into the Pinebook Pro, but I get no HDMI output. I have booted from the latest Manjaro KDE image. The USB ports work when plugged in. Ethernet seems to work. The HDMI does not work, nor does the VGA work.

Does the Pinebook Pro dock need to have power connected to work? I do not have anything with USB C besides the Pinebook Pro, so I have no way to check out if lack of external power is the problem.

if you're not using it, try switching to linux-pinebookpro. it could be the mainline kernel. IIRC something "broke" video through docks ~5.8.
(12-26-2020, 03:53 PM)tophneal Wrote: if you're not using it, try switching to linux-pinebookpro. it could be the mainline kernel. IIRC something "broke" video through docks ~5.8.
Thank you for your response. I installed your suggestion, then I found information in the December Community update and tried that. Nothing seemed to make the video out on the dock work.

Then I found that when I jiggled the connector, the external monitor came on. So in the end the dock video out ports are working if I can get the connector just right. Of course bumping the machine when it is running, shuts everything down again. As I mentioned the only USB C item I have is the Dock, so I am not sure if the dock connector is bad, or the connector on the Pinebook Pro itself is bad since I have never used the connector on the Pinebook Pro until I purchased the dock.

Thanks again for your response, it looks like my problem is a hardware problem.


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