SMS notification inconsistent and Wifi issue (waking up?)
I've done quite a few test text messages and incoming phone calls to a Pinephone that is asleep, running Mobian.

Upon an incoming call, the blue notification LED starts blinking, then screen turns on and then a few seconds later the mobile signal shows on the lockscreen, then a few seconds later the phone eventually rings showing the incoming call screen. Using a stopwatch from the time the blue LED starts blinking I've measured 11 to 12 s, which is actually a long time and enough for the person at the other end to give up and end the call attempt before you can answer. I measured 12 s within 15 minutes of a previous call - not sure how quickly the phone goes to sleep.

Text messages sent to a Pinephone in a sleep state (more than half and hour) have always woken up the phone, giving the notification sound and showing the blue blinking notification LED. Only after sending a text message from a website to the phone a few minutes after receiving a call and locking the screen did I NOT receive a notification, though the SMS was available on Chatty.

Note the phone was on 4G Preferred, 3G and phone calls mean switching to 3G as my operator does not have VoLTE.
I've tried with the phone in 3G only and still measured 11 s. It is consistently between 11 and 12 seconds waking up from deep sleep.

It seems as though if the phone is awake and you call (e.g. just after waking it up with a prior call) then the phone just rings with the screen staying dark. No blinking notification LED.

Note that Wifi scanning and connecting seems to be behaving since I've used the GUI to turn it on and off again. When turning Wifi off this also toggles the phone into Airplane Mode so I untoggle this and turn off bluetooth to make sure the phone modem part is working.

I don't know how quickly Android or Apple phones start ringing when waking up from sleep. I can only hope things can improve on the Pinephone.
Pinephone v1.2 UBports CE. Adelaide, Australia using Aldimobile SIM with Mobian SD card.
Manjaro Plasma Mobile on EMMC.

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