No cellular connection after update on Manjaro ARM (kde)
I've been really liking the pinephone, but I installed manjaro kde edition on a 64GB sd card, and everything worked fine. Then I updated a lot of packages and now I can't make phone calls, write text messages and use mobile data.

I'm surprised as it works well on the other two editions of manjaro even after an update, but I don't really like the interfaces and those environments seem to be really slow compared to the kde edition.

My kernel is 5.10.1-1-MANJARO-ARM
The verison of ofono is 1.31-4

Also ofonoctl throws a python error, even with sudo
Any help would be really appreciated!

[Image: Screenshot_20201209_041218.png]
[Image: Screenshot_20201209_041353.png]
[Image: Screenshot_20201213_184503.png]
I'm finding that on every .iso, I have to go re-enter the APN settings.
Where can I set it and how do I know what to enter?
I found this info for AT&T (USA).
Thanks! I found mine (Telekom HU) on here:
Apparently the new update fixed it all, thank you for the help!

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