DietPi OS for ROCK64
(12-22-2020, 03:25 PM)MichaIng Wrote: @tophneal
Many thanks for restoring the threads!

I updated the ROCK64 image on December 16 and the Wiki page on December 17 midday to point to that same image. That one failed on your board or did you probably use the older one? If it was the new image, could you go a bid more into detail on which boot step it fails, e.g. do you see any output on screen (or serial console, if attached)?

Sorry I did not reply right away! The model I have is the Rock64 1GB model. I am unsure of what version it is. Here is a picture I took of the front/back of the unit.

It's mounted with double-side tape to my network enclosure, and unfortuantly, I do not have a monitor to connect it to. 

I tried this version the other day:

It looks normal after I first plug the power in. Ethernet adapter starts blinking, activity lights blink for a few minutes, but after awhile one of the activity lights just starts blinking a constant red blink, almost as if it halted on boot.

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