DietPi OS for ROCK64
I went through the initial update process and it did the first reboot. I was able to SSH in after the reboot but still no hdmi monitor output. I executed a shutdown, disconnected the hdmi, powered it up again and SSHed in again. But this time I waited until I had the SSH connection before connecting the hdmi and now the monitor works. I've since rebooted and hdmi is working even if plugged in.

So thank you, I'm up and running with both of my new ROCK64s.

I rarely use the hdmi, but one is for a friend that is new to SBCs and I think he needs it.
(11-14-2022, 01:50 PM)MichaIng Wrote: I just added ROCK64 to our image build script and generated new images. It's still (latest) Armbian kernel and U-Boot packages, but freshly partitioned image file + rootfs via debootstrap. Probably the more recent U-Boot works more reliable:

If the Bullseye image does not boot, the Bookworm one won't either, which differs only in userland.

EDIT: Ah I just saw now that you were able to SSH into the system with the old image, but no HDMI output? Also finishing first run setup, including kernel upgrade does not help with this?

EDIT2: Ah lol, here it was reported at Armbian:
Do you see the same error(s) in dmesg -l emerg,alert,crit,err?

I re-downloaded and installed DietPi today 12/7/22 and it started right up. Thank you!

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