Safe to Update?
On manjaro you can choose three main branches: arm-stable, arm-testing and arm-unstable.
You set them editing /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf
By default Manjaro set it to stable branch.
Usually if you're on stable channel you should be almost safe when updating... there will be issues every now and then but it's the price you pay for a rolling release and it's nothing you can't resolve with a quick search.
Even the arm-testing should be safe enough if you follow the manjaro forum.
I'm running the arm-unstable branch and so far i just had to downgrade mesa package a couple of time but it's a known issue. I've had occasionally problems with wayland but reverting to X11 solved them for the time being.

Other issues may come from AUR packages but using the. usually involves a bit of knowledge on how your system works if you're planning to install sensitive packages.

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