Managing cpu voltage and clock speeds question.
Changing cpu speed can be achieved via modifying file /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_max_freq and /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_max_freq, assuming you are using schedutil scheduler. This process is the same regardless of which distribution you use or which arm device you use. As long as you're running linux, cpu speed can be altered this way. By the way, you should only use schedutil because this is a cpu with a mixture of big and little cores. Other cpu scheduler are not optimized to handle this big.little architecture the way schedutil does.

As for the cpu voltage, it cannot be changed during runtime. It can be changed via editing device tree but a reboot is needed for it to take effect. You will need to decompile /boot/dtbs/rockchip/rk3399-pinebook-pro.dtb, edit it, recompile it, and replace the original file.

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