GUIs on top of ArchLinux
I'd like to install a GUI other than Phosh starting from barebone archlinux.
Lomiri is currently my top preference by far.
Here's Lomiri on Manjaro, Alpha2.

I'm starting this thread so that people could share their thoughts and experiences using various GUIs on top of archlinux on pinephone.
(12-08-2020, 04:40 AM)lat Wrote: I imagine that we could have various GUI environments on PinePhone just like on desktop we can have Gnome

Pretty sure phosh is a gnome fork
See here and here for experiments with desktop shells on debian.
Nice list of UI's offered with PostmarketOS for PinePhone:

Available user interfaces (14):
* none: No graphical environment
* fbkeyboard: Plain framebuffer console with touchscreen keyboard support
* gnome: (Wayland) Gnome Shell
* i3wm: (X11) Tiling WM (keyboard required)
* kodi: (Wayland) 10-foot UI useful on TV's
* mate: (X11) MATE Desktop Environment, fork of GNOME2 (stylus recommended)
* phosh: (Wayland) Mobile UI developed for the Librem 5 (works only with numeric passwords!)
* plasma-bigscreen: (Wayland) 10-feet variant of Plasma, made for big screen TVs
* plasma-desktop: (X11/Wayland) KDE Desktop Environment (works well with tablets)
* plasma-mobile: (Wayland) Mobile variant of KDE Plasma (does not run without hardware acceleration, allows only numeric passwords!)
* shelli: Plain console with touchscreen gesture support
* sway: (Wayland) Tiling WM, drop-in replacement for i3wm (DOES NOT RUN WITHOUT HW ACCELERATION!)
* sxmo: (X11) Simple X Mobile: Mobile environment based on simple & suckless software (best compatibility on pinephone)
* weston: (Wayland) Reference compositor (demo, not a phone interface)
* xfce4: (X11) Lightweight desktop (stylus recommended)

Lomiri on PostmarketOS is work in progress too.

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