X events getting clogged up?
I used the Daniel Thompson installer on an SD and that's been up and running 1 day, 13 hours. If it can run a week I'll consider the rebooting problem cured. Probably had to do with running off my original eMMC and that's starting to fail. I kept putting in a /forcefsck every time I thought of it but it would still run as little as 2 hours before rebooting.

But the mouse/touchpad problem is still around. The last memorable time was in a dropdown list somewhere, I wanted to click the item above the one that was selected, I just couldn't get there. But I left it alone for a minute and then I could.
I sometimes use 'xev' (x-events) to see what x is seeing.

"Xev creates a window and then asks the X server to send it events whenever anything happens to the window (such as it being moved, resized, typed in, clicked in, etc.). You can also attach it to an existing window. It is useful for seeing what causes events to occur and to display the information that they contain; it is essentially a debugging and development tool, and should not be needed in normal usage."

When it goes dead I can't get it to the Xev window.

I guess I'd better order a replacement.  I'm discovering that when it's dead slapping it works.  So bad connection somewhere, and it'll probably get worse.


And is there any guarantee that the audio amps in this don't have enough power to fry the speakers?  I've been working on an mp3 jukebox for a week or so and the volumes in the files are all over the place.  I'll use it with a USB sound card and amp and speakers eventually

On one speaker being wired inverted, yes, acts like it.  It's most noticeable in the amount of bass response.  2 speakers in phase will have bass that adds together.  For years with DIY stereos I'd never set them up without a flashlight battery,  When you connect the + wire to the + on the battery the cones should all move the same direction.
(12-19-2020, 04:15 AM)KC9UDX Wrote: This has been on the tip of my mind for a week or more and I finally realised what I wanted to say.

Get xeyes!  This is one of the classic X applications and is exactly what you need.  You might even have it already.
I have it running but I discovered I'm not the only one with this problem.  

And I can do
to set:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface locate-pointer true
to read:
gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.interface locate-pointer

I don't see it working yet, maybe I need to reboot or something.  I normally have as little to do with Gnome as possible, this is Debian Bullseye installed using Daniel Thompson's method.  Maybe it only works if you're actually running Gnome.
xeyes doesn't work?

If so, that doesn't use Gnome at all as far as I know.  That is, it should work with X (Xorg/X11/whatever) with or without Gnome, I assume.  But I can't recall the last time I used Gnome.

Maybe you're using Wayland, in which case I have absolutely no idea what to say. Huh
I seem to remember something, a few years back, called 'mouse trails'
It was somewhat cute, comet-like, maybe needs a compositing manager
Usually I just make mouse pointer larger if there is a problem
I remember mouse trails, but like xeyes I thought it was just for amusement.  I heard about X-Windows in general long before I got to try it, and I had a somewhat goofy girlfriend at the time who was into amusements.  So xeyes, xsnow, Neko, mouse trails were around, and xscreensaver.  Searching for mouse trails debian got me nowhere.

xeyes works, it just takes some interpreting.  And if the mouse is on the far side of the screen the eyes don't move much.  Having the cursor pop up when you hold down Ctrl is what I was hoping for.  Apparently it only works under Gnome because even after a reboot it doesn't.  I was starting to look into making an animated cursor.  For MS Windows I made one that would cycle through colors in about a second so sometimes the outside was black, sometimes white. I could always spot it on any background color.  There were I think 9 images and they gave the effect of moving forward while changing colors.  Black and white maybe, it's around somewhere.

Nope, no Wayland.
I always had (at times still have) a bright green, large mouse pointer that sticks out like a sore thumb (but blanks when typing).

The only mouse shenanigans I recall from dayes of yore, were those viruses that mirrored the mouse movement, or made it totally random, or would make the mouse pointer jump across the screen when the button was pushed.
In KDE Plasma there is an option under Workspace Behavior/Desktop Effects called Track Mouse. If it is enabled by default it will be activated by holding Ctrl+Meta, except you also have to move the mouse a bit, then it will show black and white semi-rings rotating around the pointer.
This message was created with 100% recycled electrons
There, I dug it out from 20+ years ago and posted frames on Imgur.  https://imgur.com/gallery/kVh2nbH  I still have the ani file but it would take reconstructing to get it to work in x-windows.  The outer shape is a triangle with a transparent background, here it's on a square black background.  The hotspot is at the point, I made it with some Windows shareware.  It cycled through the 8 frames in about a second.

[Image: rCKWfNW.png]
xcursorgen might just work.

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