Battery life status: now, and future prospects?
In my experience, with a recently flashed Mobian on a UBPorts CE Pinephone, the phone can sometimes last 24 hours on idle (no SIM card, Bluetooth off, WiFi on). The problem is that Mobian often ends up in a cycle where it wakes the phone (including turning the screen on) for several minutes at a time for what seems like absolutely no reason. Leave it on a table while watching a movie and you'll see it light up and show the login screen for many minutes at a time, go back to sleep and then just a few minutes later wake up again. This bug has existed for many months now and can reduce standby battery time to only perhaps 3-5 hours.

Maybe this can also in part explain the wildly differing battery times that people report?
Inspired to check out the battery life I'm currently getting by this post so:
On Manjaro with a braveheart that's recently been upgraded to the new motherboard. The last two days I've left the the phone off charge overnight , the first day from 100% battery at 8:30 am with a couple of short phone calls and a little light web browsing (my normal use for a phone) by 6:20am the next day it was at 26%, so it would almost certainly have gone past 24 hours. I then charged it for about an hour and a half to about 89%, again disconnecting at around 8:30, this morning at 6:30 it was at 16%, with a half hour charge it was up to 71% disconnected around 9am at 93%.
I think that's pretty much daily driveable, for me, at least.
Before the motherboard upgrade I was getting 12-20 hours on the then current manjaro, but I spend a couple of days a week 'off grid' - no wifi for miles and very patchy cell reception, when doing this I found that turning off wifi would really extend battery life (well over 24 hours on the old MB), so much so that I got in the habit of turning off wifi if I left the house and wasn't going to be near trusted networks.
I too saw the 3 day battery life tweets and thought they must be with no radios active, until Megi's post above. That will be amazing when it's implemented in the distros, and surely puts the 20hrs max of my old Nexus 6p in the shade.
Also for the two days above there was no absolute need to reboot on Manjaro. After about 32 hours I got the typical phosh lockscreen double tap keypress problem, but was able to keep using the phone till mid morning when the modem got into an unusable state (fine after reboot).

I'm satisfied of my Pinephone Manjaro, and the updates work good. Smile

About the battery I do some tests, I send and recieve 5 sms and 5 mins of wi-fi during the day:

Powersupply >
Battery > Voltage 3,70 V
Status > Discharging (1,83W)
Health > Good

7 h 58 > 81%
8 h 12 > 75%
9 h 11 > 71%
9 h 38 > 68%
9 h 56 > 63%
11 h 34 > 57%
12 h 33 > 55%
14 h 28 > 51%
15 h 54 > 51%
18 h 48 > 50%
20 h 39 > 47%
21 h 37 > 46%


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