A plea
(12-01-2020, 09:45 PM)bcnaz Wrote: BUT, Never Once have I Cryed,   Whah  Whah    My cell phone does not work !

Maybe I am LUCKIER than the average Pine phone user.?     maybe,    but I am not smarter than average.

"OH, but it just stops at this screen"     WHAH   WHAH       
                                                                         You sit there Crying/complaining ?       WTF ...   seriously  ?

Try re-flashing your sd card or try a different release, maybe try a different Distro.    (So many choices) !

*  AND  There are a lot of friendly forum members here,   who will try their best to "help" you have a good experience.

    but    "Whah  Whah   it don't work"     is Not something that anyone can help you with.

There is quite some interval between what they actually wrote and your characterization of it.

Anyway, I am in sympathy with what the OP wrote because developers are very bad at recognizing that, once they have users, they have some degree of responsibility toward them.

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