Existing CAD model for PineCube?
Hi all,

I separated the STEP into STLs using Fusion360 last night. I also made a slight modification to the microphone/camera bracket because it wasn't fitting right as designed. It was a pretty quick and dirty edit, so I included the original. Note that some parts' orientation is not optimal, I am still figuring that out with some test prints.

It wasn't too hard to figure out which parts are the case to separate them out, though I am stumped about the indentation/ "inside thing" and "small cover" parts, would love if anyone else has guesses what those are about.

Feel free to host these elsewhere or point me in a better direction to do so, I am also adding to the wiki.

Alpha version (only the microphone bracket is edited, all other parts are original).

Beta version (Some edits made, all of the parts in the root can be printed at 0.25mm resolution and the camera fits just fine).

If you're worried about small details like lips and snaps, print those parts at 0.20mm resolution. The tabs on the camera cover are beyond worthless and break every time, needs a redesign. Otherwise I am impressed how the back snaps into place, it doesn't look like it should but it was well designed. I am definitely interested in anyone else's tests with these files, I only got my first printer last week.

If anyone is interested in buying a few of these, reach out to me. I will provide screws and anything else needed to complete the kit.

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