Existing CAD model for PineCube?
(03-20-2021, 03:06 PM)NormandC Wrote:
(03-10-2021, 11:06 PM)NormandC Wrote: No, the files aren't 2D, they're 3D. The parts could be 3D printed, but certainly not laser cut. You'd have to modify the design extensively for that.

Edit: I'm not finding the files on my personal PC (from which I'm currently replying), they must be on my work PC from which I log off at the end of the day. I'll try to remember to copy the files tomorrow.
Sorry, I've looked and I haven't found the converted files anywhere. I may have deleted them after seeing no interest for them (I had posted about it on the PINE64 blog).

I'll have to start the conversion process again.


Hi NormandC

Did you get very far on restarting the conversion process?

I received my cube today and would love to protect it. 


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