Existing CAD model for PineCube?
(03-20-2021, 03:06 PM)NormandC Wrote:
(03-10-2021, 11:06 PM)NormandC Wrote: No, the files aren't 2D, they're 3D. The parts could be 3D printed, but certainly not laser cut. You'd have to modify the design extensively for that.

Edit: I'm not finding the files on my personal PC (from which I'm currently replying), they must be on my work PC from which I log off at the end of the day. I'll try to remember to copy the files tomorrow.
Sorry, I've looked and I haven't found the converted files anywhere. I may have deleted them after seeing no interest for them (I had posted about it on the PINE64 blog).

I'll have to start the conversion process again.


Hi NormandC

Did you get very far on restarting the conversion process?

I received my cube today and would love to protect it. 

(03-30-2021, 12:05 PM)BigGremlin777 Wrote: Did you get very far on restarting the conversion process?

I received my cube today and would love to protect it. 

Sorry for not replying sooner. I did finally find the files on my work PC, but I hadn't completed the conversion process. I was in the process of converting the files to Solid Edge (the CAD program we use at work), then to export to STEP. I completed that a few days ago. Now I need to convert all the STEP files to STL, and put the STEP and STL files somewhere where they'll be accessible.

The problem is that it's a complete mess. There are more than 50 files and their filenames are in Chinese characters, so you can't know which ones you need unless you open them all one by one. A few of them are for the enclosure, the trick is which ones! My system isn't set up for Chinese, so the assembly files aren't loaded complete. There's a "3D.sldasm" file which I believe should contain the complete PineCube assembly with enclosure and hardware, but it's mostly empty because of this. I had to open all of those files separately to export them.

There are three "slddrw" files which are blueprints, which would have helped tremendously, unfortunately, you absolutely need Solidworks to open those. Maybe eDrawings would work, but at some point I'm reluctant to install yet another program.

It's a pity that PINE64 didn't ask to get the 3D files in STEP format in the first place, with filenames in Occidental characters, and to get the blueprints in PDF. It would have made things A LOT easier. The time I've spent on this so far is ridiculous, and I don't even have a PineCube - nor do I plan to get one.
Hi all,

I separated the STEP into STLs using Fusion360 last night. I also made a slight modification to the microphone/camera bracket because it wasn't fitting right as designed. It was a pretty quick and dirty edit, so I included the original. Note that some parts' orientation is not optimal, I am still figuring that out with some test prints.

It wasn't too hard to figure out which parts are the case to separate them out, though I am stumped about the indentation/ "inside thing" and "small cover" parts, would love if anyone else has guesses what those are about.

Feel free to host these elsewhere or point me in a better direction to do so, I am also adding to the wiki.

Alpha version (only the microphone bracket is edited, all other parts are original).

Beta version (Some edits made, all of the parts in the root can be printed at 0.25mm resolution and the camera fits just fine).

If you're worried about small details like lips and snaps, print those parts at 0.20mm resolution. The tabs on the camera cover are beyond worthless and break every time, needs a redesign. Otherwise I am impressed how the back snaps into place, it doesn't look like it should but it was well designed. I am definitely interested in anyone else's tests with these files, I only got my first printer last week.

If anyone is interested in buying a few of these, reach out to me. I will provide screws and anything else needed to complete the kit.
(04-09-2021, 09:19 PM)doodlebro Wrote: Well done doodlebro!!! Thanks!! I'll have a go at printing this soon.

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