Question about video acceleration
Glad you are both in agreement Wink 

For starters, my answer was meant to be adequate to BringItOn's general level of inquiry. Now, I will freely admit that it was clearly insufficient - BringItOn sought me out (its quite easy to get hold of me) and we chatted for a good 30 min. I provide him with articles about Allwinner, about the GPL violations, about the blobs, about the efforts made, about the challenges, etc. See, no harm done. 

Secondly, please check out this thread *and do note who was the first to ask the question*. I wouldn't call it hidden. Allwinner has now had a Linux build for some time - approx. 14 days - and they are looking into ways of making this happen. Now read that last line of my response to BringItOn's question again and confer with this source.  

Hope this helps
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