Thorough Overview of Mobian on Pinephone as Main Driver
I thought I could add my own (small) review here to share experience with the pinephone.

I've been using the phone for three weeks, and it became my main phone last week ... I switched directly to mobian because I've mostly used debian in the past 20 years and it's good to feel at home Wink A big thanks to pine64 and mobian for the great work (and making this accessible)

I'm more than happy with it as it covers my simple needs (phone, sms, browsing). I manage to get a full day of charge, which is ok, even if It's better when the phone can be charged during the day.

Here are the software I'm using : 
 - the standard phosh/contacts/gnome-calls/chatty for basic phone operation
 - qutebrowser for the web
 - gmnlm for gemini
 - kgx as terminal (I was not very keen at first, but as a mobile terminal it's rather good, I finally like the notification when a command finishes)
 - zim for notetaking (synchronized with my pc with unison)
 - vlc for audio and video files
 - nemo as file manager
 - xournal for anotating pdfs and taking handwriten notes
 - soundrecorder for recording

I alse wrote some python scripts to control my (proprietary) home automation :

At first, I was not easy with the keyboard, I've writen a new terminal layout (it's an azerty layout, sorry, but it should be easily converted to qwerty for those interested). I attach the yaml files to the post (... well the forum doesn't let me add the files directly but I could by zipping them)

I've also tried it in convergence mode. It works well but my dock doesn't charge it fast enough (900mA max), it should be better by disabling the phone screen. I don't find phosh that good in desktop mode. I started using sway in a second terminal but it's a mess when receiving a call => you have to change terminal to answer. 

Also I don't know if it is common, but I had to add a polkit rule for modemmanager or it would ask me for root password each time the modem was accessed ...


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