Thorough Overview of Mobian on Pinephone as Main Driver
11.27.2020 Mobian As Main Driver Notes

So far using Mobian on Pinephone UBPorts edition as my main driver has been a relief from the for-profit operating systems. Thank you so much for this push forward, it's making a difference and giving me a word-of-mouth ability to spread awareness to people that this is possible: to live without the for-profit tech giants entirely!

What works well for me in Mobian as a user with low-intermediate linux knowledge:

  • Phonecalls incoming and outgoing are reliable with correct amplification and quality to be acceptable to the non-linux person and to me as an everyday user
  • texts send and receive reliably
  • Software downloads and uninstalls with relative ease
  • voice recorder works
  • camera works, front and back
  • battery reads accurately

Things to Work Through/towards

General OS
  • When outside my usual data area, I'm unable to browse the web even though data is set accessible through cell signal. It would be important for reloading bus cards through web app, and other important lookups for logistics no matter the area
  • A lot of applications don't resize to the correct window resolution. Having this automatically fit the window would be helpful, especially for linking contacts from Evolution or Thunderbird which both have the non-native resolution concern
  • When turning off only Wifi in settings, Airplane Mode is activated and deactivates bluetooth, wifi and cellular data
  • When turning off Airplane Mode, bluetooth, wifi and cellular is reactivated all together
  • When the phone sits idle on the charger for more than 30 minutes (idk the exact time), the phone has a blinking blue light and doesn't have its screen open. Is it going into sleep or hibernate mode? I could open it once with a few presses to the power button, though I don't know enough about the feature to say any more.
Contacts, Phone & Messages Interaction
  • Importing .vcf or other contact file formats in default contacts app: Even though I imported key contacts one by one, Phone doesn't recognize numbers that don't have the exact data representation. (Example: +17731234567). I found this out after manually putting contacts in without the + sign and having all my family members and friends call me and text me while not knowing who they were half the time other than voice recognition lol
  • Messages receives an unknown number and on pressing the new message, it doesn't open the text
  • When on a phonecall, the software can't yet put the first call on "hold" and I would have to call back (I don't mind this tbh)

Comments, Suggestions and Ideas
  • Voice Recorder could automatically suggest the date and time as the name
  • Mastodon works really well on Tootle
  • The UBPorts gui is really human focused, hopefully that can be an option in later builds
  • If an application is added to Favorites, can it stay in the application window as well instead of moving entirely to the top?

Closing Notes
Mobian's almost there for my daily driver. The only things that I'd need as an everyday user are the Phone, messages, and contacts correctly recognizing each other, the data access working while out, and the window size correction of non-native applications

All in all, I'm really enjoying the work that's being put into Mobian and very appreciative and thankful for all the work! Very excited to see what's cooking up for our future of linux tech Big Grin

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