networkmanager-l2tp on Manjaro 20.04
Hey good people.

Has anyone managed to get networkmanager-l2tp to establish a connection on Manjaro 20.04 for the Pinebook Pro?  On mine, xl2tpd keeps quitting with a signal 15 as soon as it tries to establish a connection, and frustratingly does not provide any details as to why.  I'm not sure if it supports any sort of verbose logging, and I'm still fuzzy as to where networkmanager-l2tp stashes the configs it passes to strongswan and xl2tpd where I might turn such logging on or at least double-check the config.  The connection establishes fine on Debian using the unofficial installer, as well as other clients I've connected previously, so I know my general setup is fine.  I just can't figure out why Manjaro won't connect.

Anyone have any pitfalls they've encountered getting it working, something I might check for?  I really want to give Manjaro a fair shot if at all possible, but not being able to use my home VPN is a bit of an issue.   Undecided
See the file on how to enable debugging and where it stashes the configs it passes to strongswan, xl2tpd and pppd:
Thanks for the info.  That should help me dig into the problem a little deeper.  Although currently I've been able to get Armbian working with both L2TP and LUKS drive encryption, the video performance in web browsers is awful and so I'm still motivated to get this working.  If I happen to turn up anything potentially useful I'll post it here... when I get the chance to circle back and test it.

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